You've learned the technique, you studied the languages, you even got the perfect audition outfit...What next?

First, set yourself apart from the pack by developing professional skills that you need to be successful in your career as a performer. Our membership offers each member the opportunity to learn the business skills needed to make yourself stand out against the crowd in our "Information Seminars".   Achieve mastery of these skills and reach your goals in our supportive, judgement-free "Resource Collective". Be inspired by the journey to greatness of legendary singers in our "Conversations with the Masters."  

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See what's coming up:

Strength for Singers with Annie Calvaneso
March 9th at 7 pm EST

Join us for a wonderful seminar on the importance of strength training for singers from the founder of Young Singers Bootcamp. Learn how to develop sustainable fitness routines for the dramatic artist. 

Conversations with the Masters featuring Stephanie Blythe
March 11th at 7 pm EST

Join us for a wonderful conversation with renowned mezzo-soprano and recitalist, Stephanie Blythe, and tenor Anthony Laciura . Q&A to follow.

Conversations with the Masters featuring Eric Owens
April Date TBD

Join us for a wonderful conversation with esteemed bass-baritone, Eric Owens, and tenor, Anthony Laciura. Q&A to follow.

2021 Guests

Martina Arroyo

Roberta Alexander

Christin Byrdsong

Robin Carus

Michael Chioldi

Gary Dietrich

Megan Durham

Jane Eaglen

Marc Embree

Eugenia Forteza

Joseph Glaser

Allan Glassman

Susan Graham

Othalie Graham

Ebony Martin

Kenneth Overton

Susan Quittmeyer

Marcy Richardson

Raquel Suarez Groen

Sharon Sweet

Mark Tempesta

Danielle Wright


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