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#4 I'll have that to go

After all of this work in these two weeks, and my first exploration into the role of Klytaemnestra, what did I have to take away?

I took away so many massive lessons about the work in general, about myself as a singer, and about the process. Here are a few of them that I shared on Instagram in the past two weeks:

My ultimate goal coming into the program was to get a good understanding of this role, to have it in a position that I can continue my preparation with all the tools in place that I have gained from the coaches. I absolutely achieved this. Is my Klytaemnestra ready to put on stage tomorrow? No, but that’s to be expected, this role takes more than 6 weeks to learn and get into your body. But, do I have everything I need to be able to get this role ready to put on stage in the near future? Absolutely. So, if anyone is planning an Elektra later in 2021 or 2022, I’ll be ready for you.

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