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#3 Mastery and Mystery

One of the elements of this course was also the opportunity to take part in masterclasses, in

the first week with dramatic soprano and voice teacher Sharon Sweet, and in the second week with artistic manager and entrepreneur Aaron Sanko. Masterclasses are part and parcel of life as an emerging professional, and give us the opportunity to benefit from a snippet of time to sing for a ‘master’ in the field, and have their impressions and opinions, as they try to elucidate some of the ‘mystery’ of this artform and industry. As Mr Sanko said in his class, you take away what you’re ready to hear, and bank the other stuff for later.

This week, on this very study-focussed course, the masterclasses also gave us all the opportunity to perform for an audience in real time. Personally, these masterclasses were my first real-time, and not prerecorded, performances in the last eleven months, and for that I was so unbelievably grateful, and to the masters for their wisdom and feedback.

If you want an opportunity to learn from other masters, I highly recommend the NYDV Membership program, where you get to benefit from two masters every month.

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