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Catherine Raible, 2019 Artist

Being involved with this program was food for my singing soul! I entered on one level and left completed transformed. I would highly recommend this program to any singer at any level. I am ready to continue growing and preparing for future performances and roles.


Jodi Karem, 2018 Artist

Maestro Laciura has helped me so much in incorporating my whole body in becoming the character. It's quite obvious that he's passionate about opera and also acting to make a perfect blend of producing a singer / actor. He is also very interested in answering questions and is very helpful to everyone with the creative process. Matthew Lobaugh is also an excellent coach. They make a great team and I'm very happy that I did this program.

Helvick-Headshot-Color Photo (600 dpi).j

Lorraine Helvick, 2017, 2018, 2019 Artist

I love this program so much! This is a special place that has helped me learn and discover myself as an artist without feeling bad if I made a mistake. Plus all the amazing people who have come in to work with us like, Christine Goerke, Anthony Laciura, and Martina Arroyo, have changed the way I will perform forever.

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Adam Laurence Herskowitz, 2017, 2018 Artist

Amazing Teachers!!

Amazing Classes!! 

Amazing Program!!

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