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Day 10- Friends that last forever

Good evening Opera lovers!

I hope you have enjoyed your Wednesday and have found some time to spend with someone you care about. It always amazes me that when you attend a program like this, you quickly form friendships that last longer than you could imagine and the artists begin to feel like a family. How special is that?  Put so many creative souls together in a space and they gravitate towards each other. 

Naturally, we each have our own loved ones and people we care about in our own lives that we leave behind to participate in a programs like this. It is never easy, but the promise that we will be reunited is helpful. My household is comprised of my brother, my nephew, and two precious fur babies. I am very much looking forward to seeing them in a few days, but I will miss each of these artists and their beautiful, artistic souls as well. 

Today was our last full day of staging rehearsals and coachings.  We are will be working from the theater only tomorrow for the dress rehearsal and then have a dark day with our performance on Saturday. (For my unfamiliar friends, a dark day is when there is no performance or rehearsal. The theater is ‘dark’ and everyone has a day off. It is a very welcome day after working so hard!) This evening we were working our lighting technician and scene changes through a cue to cue at the theater. (A cue to cue is when the tech people, lighting and stage people this time, get to move from one cue to the next as many times as needed until everyone is on the same page and happy.) It does make for a long evening, but it is very necessary and allows everyone to begin to congeal their patterns. (It also can’t be said that we aren’t working hard!  The artists are the stage crew!! Hojotoho!!) 

Tomorrow we have the majority of the day off so there will be much sleeping in across the entire company of singers, pianists, and staff. It will be much earned!!  Make sure and tune in!  It will be a fun and exciting edition of Sieglinde’s Story!!  

Have a wonderful evening my lovelies!!


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