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Day 14- Sieglinde's farewell

Good Evening Opera Lovers!

I really do love NY

Today I left New York. Today is also my last blog post. It has been so fun working with NYDV for the last two weeks, but it is time for me to return to my home in Missouri and start my semester of teaching.  (I teach at a couple local universities) I will also be music directing for a local high school’s production and making sure my nephew gets to all of his rehearsals. Life will go on and it will be beautiful in its own way. However, I will always look back at my experiences in NYC and with NYDV and smile. Every single person involved in this program works so hard and is so generous with their talent.

Thank you to each of my fellow artists: Lauren, Agathe, Tara, Sang Hyuck, Lauryn, Sam, Lorraine, Olivia, Lauren, Wendy, Sara, Madeleine, and Migeun.  You were each a joy to share the stage with, work with during staging and acting classes, and spend time with. You are such talents. I can’t wait to see where the world takes you!  

Thank you to the three person staff that is single handily making sure the artists look and sound good on stage as well as know what we are doing!  Our Director (and founder) Anthony Laciura, our Maestro Matt Lobaugh, and our Assistant Director Kimun Kim.  Your support and guidance to each of us has been invaluable.  Thank you for investing in each of us. 

I also want to say a quick thank you to the two ladies who keep this blog and the social media going!  NYDV’s Managing Director Lorraine Helvick and Social Media Consultant Sam Narha. Thank you for asking me to do this and for trusting me with it. This has been so much fun taking everyone on a journey through the Winter Intensive Program and through New York. 

I will miss you my lovelies.  I promise you that I will continue singing and I will continue traveling. This is not a forever goodbye, just for now. :) If you want to continue on my adventure, you are more than welcome to find me on Instagram or Facebook and see where life takes me from here!!  

Until the next time, I hope you have enjoyed your evening my lovelies... and I hope you will continue to find ways to have music and opera a part of your life. 

Until next time!

Much love!


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