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Day 13 - It's the day of the show y'all

Good Evening Opera Lovers!

It's the day of the show and all I can say is WOW! 


What an awesome concert!!  All of my colleagues were on their A game and gave everything they could. It is always a wonderful concert when the artists and the audience are both generous. Thank you to everyone in the theater tonight. It was very special to share this concert with those who were there!

My mom and I heading over to the theater before the performance

I had spent the earlier part of the day looking over music, relaxing in the hotel, and walking Manhattan in the snow to get some lunch. (I took mom to the Italian place I had been to before) Let me tell you. I am happy I’m from Missouri!  The snow didn’t bother me, but trekking through it to subways was not the most fun. 

After our concert everyone shared a meal together and tried to soak up our last couple hours together as a group. It is hard to know when I wake up tomorrow I won’t be heading to rehearsal with them.  They are all so talented and I have enjoyed each of them so very much. 

It is very late and I need to get to sleep!  My plane leaves tomorrow, but don’t worry. There will be one final episode of Sieglinde’s Story. 

Have a beautiful night my lovelies!


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