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Day 12 - A magical, musical, and mom-ical Friday

Good Evening Opera Lovers!!

I hope you have had a magical and musical Friday. I have had a wonderful day!  I am blessed with one of the most supportive families in the entire world. My Dad, Mom, three brothers, two sister-in-laws, two nephews and my extended family are all very supportive of me and stood behind me when I left teaching in 2012 to pursue my Masters and ultimately begin my journey towards singing Opera. To this day they make every effort possible to be at any performance I have. Including my Mother flying to New York from Missouri to see the NYDV show on Saturday!  

My mom and I are the best of friends and travel buddies. Because of this, today was a blast!  After I looked over my score this morning we hopped a train to the Underground Market at Columbus Circle and ate Russian dumplings (finally!), steamed Chinese dumplings, and French macarons!  It was then time to go see a show. Yes... the Met!!  This was my (our) first time to the Met. I’m not going to lie, I rounded that corner and got a little emotional seeing it. It is so beautiful!  We saw La bohème and each act was better than the last. The cast was beautiful and the set was stellar, not to mention the orchestra!!  You cannot go wrong with Puccini!  My heart was happy. We then went to Juniors and enjoyed a New Yorker (which is a strawberry shake topped with an entire piece of strawberry cheesecake) since we were celebrating our birthdays. (She is late January and I am early February)

It was a very musical day and was filled with laughter, love, joy, and art. I am looking forward to our concert tomorrow and taking you on that journey!  Tune in for more Sieglinde’s story or better yet, come to the concert tomorrow! 

I hope you enjoyed your evening lovelies, 


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