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Day 11- Final Dress Rehearsal

Good Evening Opera lovers!

I hope you have enjoyed your Thursday.  :) I found joy in being able to take a relaxing morning full of my favorite things. Sleep, coffee, bagels with schmear and lox, a little tv, and a long... hot shower. I didn’t step out of the apartment until around 4:30 pm because we were not called until our dress rehearsal at 6pm. I did a light warm up before heading to the theater, but did not put much stress on the voice and I felt a difference. When the voice is already warm because of continuous work, a great deal of warming up is not always needed. Vocalizing is always good to make sure you are not falling away from your technique, but, never overuse!!

Tonight I was handed the backstage. This generally happens when we move into the situation where the Assistant Director/Technical Director are in the sound booth calling the show. There is a someone backstage (Assistant Director intern this time) that will step in and direct traffic backstage. These people are working hard both on and off stage!  We are hustling to make sure this show is the best it can be for everyone who is both involved and in the audience. 

Maestro Lobaugh at work

I took as many pictures as I could from backstage so you could see what I see. I hope you enjoy our backstage shenanigans!  Tomorrow we have a day off and I may or may not FINALLY be going to the Met!  ...You’ll have to tune in tomorrow to see!  

Have a good evening lovelies!


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