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Day 5 - Any woman can be a goddess

Dobrý večer Opera lovers!!

Happy Friday and welcome back to another edition of Sieglinde’s Story!  Today our Assistant Director was out painting sets pieces and taking care of other things during our rehearsal time, so I was tasked with stepping up as the Assistant Director during rehearsals.  As I have said in a previous blog, directing is a future goal of mine and today was so much fun!  Very challenging, but very fun. Tracking time and rehearsal pace, marking blocking in the score, and keeping everyone together in the music was great. At one point, when we were working on the scene from Die Walküre, I was doing all of my Assistant Director duties AND singing in the scene!  Life is never boring.  Not to mention, our Valkyries are so hard working! I mean who else can lift 1000lbs that easily? Just goes to prove any woman can be a goddess!

A candid of our glorious Valkyrie goddesses training hard and getting all those gainz

Speaking of never boring!  Last night I was waiting to get my ticket to Hadestown (go see it, so good!) and across the street there was a lot of activity. I wasn’t paying attention at first because I was looking for the person who I was getting my ticket from, but when I finally did, it made sense. They were filming!  I was on a set!  I couldn’t tell what they were filming for at first and later found out it was for a TV series called New Amsterdam. If you like the show, look for a scene where they are outside a broadway theatre. I was watching from across the street. :) 

I apologize, tonight is going to be a short blog. I have a good amount of text to work on and I am very tired!  Probably because I have been at shows the last two nights!  

Good night lovelies!


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