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First day of school

Guten abend meinen kinder!  

My day has been full of German, can you tell?  The Winter Intensive got off to a roaring start today with sensual Gypsies, warrior Valkyries and everything in between!  The scenes and performers span the gambit and are exceptionally talented!  

All the Valkyries, Gypsies, Mermaids, Witches, and heroes in one place

This morning began with everyone’s favorite thing... food.  We enjoyed getting to meet our fellow singers over some delicious coffee and bagels and then moved directly into a music rehearsal where our Maestro was able to work through each scene. So many powerful and talented voices in one space!  I can’t wait to see all of the scenes come together. 

Outside of singing Sieglinde, I am also the Assistant Director Intern and get the privilege to sit in all of the staging rehearsals and shadow our Assistant Director, Kimun Kim, and help where it is needed. Since one of my goals in life (outside of performing) is to direct, this is an exciting opportunity and I really enjoyed my first day of staging with the Falstaff and Walküre casts. 

There was also an acting class today that focused on listening to the music and trying to show, without sound, our interpretation of music. It was a wonderful exercise that really maded you aware of not only your body and face, but what your musical partner (pianist or orchestra) was doing. We had some exceptional moments that took my breath away in the class. 

Reunion time!!! Met these lovely ladies at a different program in 2018 and it is so awesome to be singing with them again! Now they sound bigger and better than ever!

It is time for me to sit down with my score, drink some tea and rest my voice so I am ready for my coaching with the Maestro in the morning!  Remember, if you have any questions you would like answered, or any information you want tracked down, just ask!  

Happy Practicing!


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