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Day 6 - Congrats all on a successful first week!

Good evening and welcome to the weekend edition of Sieglinde’s Story: work hard, play hard!  

It may be Saturday, but at an intensive two week program, the work is never done.  Every scene is officially blocked and staged, but now, our director, Anthony Laciura, is tasked with going back and etching out the details and making sure every artist feels and looks their best so they can be secure and successful in rehearsals to come and at the concert on the 18th. 

NYDV Artists in the Acting/Movement class lead by the amazing Kimun Kim

We also had another amazing acting class from our Assistant Director, Kimun Kim today. He continues to help us find our center and balance as we work through exercises to help find our artistic voice. I have found that one of the most difficult and challenging things for an artist to do is be vulnerable and allow people to see the imperfect. But I have also found, THAT is when they connect with you the most. That is when they feel along with you and go on your journey. But breaking down those barriers and going for it, not easy. 

After rehearsal today, a few of my fellow artists and I spent the evening enjoying the smells and tastes of the Turnstile at Columbus Circle. Oh!  So many lovely things!  (I will try the Russian Dumplings... some day!) We enjoyed poke bowls, some beautiful French macarons, and tasty mochi ice cream. All within twenty feet of each other!  It was nice to step outside the rigors of the program and laugh together and be human. Connect with each other, check in, see how each other is doing, and hear each other’s story.  I loved it!  I think we all loved it!  

Mee and NYDV artists Agathe Herrmann, Lauren Randolph, Sam Nahra, and Sara Stejskal having fun at the Columbus Circle Market

I’m taking the evening off to relax and unwind tonight. Tomorrow, you guessed it!  More score study!!  Tune in to see what I do on my day off!  

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful day!  Good night my lovelies!


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