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Day 9 - NYDV Gym open 24 hours

Good evening Opera Lovers!

As I write I am sitting the in stage right wing waiting for the chorus entrance at the end of our Turandot scene. It has been another full day with another hour of rehearsal left. But with a little down time and a box to sit on in the wing, I decided to take the moment to write you all. :)

Valyries take the stage

With the concert coming up on Saturday, we are being asked to mark more and more. (For my unfamiliar audience, marking is when the performer uses the voice in such a way that it is either down an octave or at a piano volume so as not to stress the voice) I know I speak for the majority of the singers when I say that we are all grateful and take our cord heath seriously, so any way to keep from over use is our friend!  So it was awesome to take a bit of a rest while our photographer took some promo pictures.

Promo picture of Jezibaba's aria in our Rusalka scene

So far today I have had a coaching, a staging rehearsal, an acting class and a rehearsal at the theater. I have been much better today about checking in with myself, staying hydrated, eating, and not over extending. I have also tried to make sure and check in with some of my fellow artists to make sure they were getting what they needed as well. We need to look out for one another!  

So many beautiful things are happening in this program. I hope you will take the time to come and see the work the New York Dramatic Voices is putting in with their Winter Intensive Artists and staff. It’s going to be a beautiful concert!  Come joining us!!!

I hope you enjoy your evening Lovelies!


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