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Welcome to Sieglinde's Story

Hello everyone and welcome to Sieglinde’s Story!  My name is Kristen Walker and I am excited to be starting my first Sieglinde!!  I’ve been in the City for a little over 24 hours now and I must say, I’ve MISSED it!  As an introvert by nature I was surprised how much New York could feel like home so quickly, but it did and it continues to every time I get here.  I’m currently getting over some sickness, so I took last night to dive into some score study and enjoy some Thai food ordered in. You can get anything you want ordered to you door within an hour, including groceries!  

Today I decided to venture into Manhattan (I am staying in Queens) and make sure I could find the rehearsal space. It is close to Time Square so there were so many sights and sounds to take in. After making sure I could find my way to the rehearsal space, I wandered into Time Square and just stood there moving in a slow circle, smile on my face, taking in New York for all it’s craziness. I then grabbed a meal at Pret a Manger (fresh caesar salad with chicken) and took a quick subway home. 

The view I had when I got off the Subway close to the rehearsal space.

One of my absolute favorite things about NYC is the ethnic melting pot that it is. I have no idea how many different languages I heard today, but I can say that while I was standing on the subway I was surrounded by four different conversations in four different languages and I only understand one of them. I loved it. I’m home now and about enjoy a cup of tea and continue my score study in preparation for our first day of rehearsals tomorrow!  I am SO excited to begin tomorrow and can’t wait to tell you all about it!  Is there anything you want to know about?  Ask in the comment section and I’ll do my best to find some answers!!  

Have a musical evening,


P.S. Tip: Remember to pack your hat.  I didn’t and had to stop and grab a $5 one!  

Introvert tip: Even if you don’t listen to music, wear your headphones, keeps some of the vendors from trying to get your attention!

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